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The history of pens I guess


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So we're on our rock floating in space and the best thing on the 3rd Rock from the Sun is pens. But what exactly is the history of the pen? It all started when humanity need a way to write letters or something along those lines. So they invented the stick with ink on the end. it was later replaced by the quill, basically the same thing as before but instead of a stick, a feather. Then people decided "hey let's bring back the stick except the stick is fancy" so they made the dip pen (also known as the nib pen). Then a very watery man with the surname Waterman made the fountain pen which is still used today. But then some person saw some flaws with the fountain. So they created a whole type of pen which is basically just a another stick except inside there is ink and at one end is a ball. Sometime along this history the felt tip pen was invented. The felt tip pen is also called the marker. Markers are probably the first pen a child used. And here we are going crazy with calligraphy. The end!


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This was hard because my microphone wasn't working (I used dictate to make this)


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On 10/15/2021 at 11:54 AM, Oshic1273 said:

 Then a very watery man with the surname Waterman made the fountain pen which is still used today.


Where does John holland, Newall Prince, Warren N. Lancaster, Paul e Wirt, Petrache Poenaru, John Jacob Parker, John Scheffer, Duncan MacKinnon, A.T Cross and others fit in to the picture :)


It may sound obvious for eyedroppers to predate self fillers and self fillers to predate cartridge pens, but its probably the other way around. where does stylographic pens fit in , are they the ancestor for a fountain pen or something else ?

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A little modification for the early parts.


In the early years, the choices were many: mostly fingers or wooden or reed implements and mineral colors made marks and pictures on stone, wood and leather. Later, shaped styli made impressions in clay or wax or lead, or a chisel to make marks in animal bones were preferred, along with refined versions of the cut reeds and animal hair brushes from the earlier times. In some areas the brushes and reeds lasted, but in others the reeds were replaced with prepared feathers. The feathers lasted for quite a while before steel replacements were finally easily (and cheaply) made, and the geese were left alone. 


That brings us up to the 1830s. 



See the source image


“When the historians of education do equal and exact justice to all who have contributed toward educational progress, they will devote several pages to those revolutionists who invented steel pens and blackboards.” V.T. Thayer, 1928

Check out my Steel Pen Blog

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