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Anyone adjusting Platinum feeds (Music Nib or otherwise) for increased flow?

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I've been able to find some people who have made adjustments to Platinum's nibs in an attempt to make them write more wet. I actually don't have this issue with most of my Platinums, and they all write pretty well with well tuned nibs. However, while the nib on my Music nib (#3776 Century) is quite nice and well tuned, and the feed delivers the advertised flow (it never runs dry and keeps up with the nib just fine, but it won't gush with dry or normal inks), I find myself wondering what it might be like to increase the flow on the feed a little bit. I notice that there is a tiny bit of inconsistency in the flow, sometimes writing drier and sometimes wetter, depending on the time allowed for the feed to saturate. I find myself wanting to increase this. The pen is already quite good, so I'm not really interested in destroying the pen, but I'm wondering how hard it would be to increase the feed's flow. I'm pretty sure that the limitation here is the feed and not the nib.


Has anyone done this? Is there some guide or basic outline of what needs to be done to make this work? 

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