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Waldmann Pens - Model Precieux in Vermeil


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I am a big fan of Waldmann's Precieux pens. I have two now and soon will have four. What is special with two of them is that they are custom orders.


On the basis of a Sterling silver pen, I custom-ordered a yellow-gold vermeil and a rose-gold vermeil.

I have already received the yellow-gold one - see photo below. This pen has become my favorite pen for everyday writing.


So, I was dreaming about getting more of them. When Waldmann brought out a new catalogue, I had to realize that my favorite pen is now out-of-production. The danger of not getting what I dreamt off sped up my decision that I needed them now and I quickly ordered another vermeil and the corresponding base-pen (Sterling silver only). I was very lucky and got the last two examples on stock, one will be changed to rose-gold vermeil.

As you can imagine, I am counting the days until they arrive.  I will then show you that three-color set (silver, yellow-gold and rose-gold). 


Since I got that FP in 2020, I wished I had ordered a full set of FP/MP/BP and RB in that design. Now, knowing about the production end, I ordered the missing members mechanical pencil, ball-pen and rollerball. My present to me for my retirement which lurks around the corner.


In the photo below, you also see another non-catalogue Waldmann Precieux, the P2000. It is made from stainless steel and black-coated. It is a limited edition which is out-of-stock at Waldmann too. The base design is the same as the metal pens which I ordered or have.


You can find more about these pens on my blog, about the vermeil pens or the P2000.


I like very much the attitude of Waldmann to accept custom orders and do remodeling of their catalogue pens.




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