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Namiki Yukari Royale Night Scene of Pavilion


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Namiki has reintroduced the night scene of pavilion maki-e model, with some changes. More work has gone into the maki-e on cap, the castle on the barrel has increased to 2 instead of 1, with slightly more finesse. Though the technique employed is now inferior to the technique used earlier. 
older model was made by Michifumi, newer one is made by Yutaka. About 33% increase in price. 

What do you think? Anyone who has the older model would be willing to compare? Personally I prefer the old model. Looks cleaner to me. 

Old model: https://www.pilot-namiki.com/en/collection/yukari-royale/night-scene-of-pavilion/


New Model: https://www.pilot-namiki.com/en/collection/yukari-royale/night-scene-of-pavilion_2/

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I'd like to get my hands on it and see it in person.


Between the Kyusai Yoshida Emperor and the Michifumi Yukari Royale a couple of years later, the Kyusai version is less literal, less detail, but for me the better art. I've reviewed both on Japan's Perfect Pens youtube channel and am planning a comparison video talking exactly on this topic between these older models. The lines in the Kyusai Emperor are rarely straight and not strongly delineated except for the pavilion itself which gives the contrast even without the pavilion rendering being very complex. The pen is full of simpler styles of maki-e but performed to nigh on perfection which elevates it in its own way. When I put it next to say the Emperor Shishi Komainu the huge difference is most obvious, one pen simpler techniques, the other highly complex, but both utterly splendid. The Michifumi version brings in more details and more granularity, more raised maki-e, more strong forms with the river, rocks, pavilion, the pine tree - all very nice elements and I like it, but it doesn't have quite the simplified 'magic' of the Kyusai in my opinion.


This new one looks like a further step in the same direction - more detail, more colour variation. It also looks like two different scenes, the mountain scene on the cap with the sharply contrasting waterfall, angular mountain summits, then at the bottom this very nice pine tree and the pavilion in the waters. I enjoy Yutaka's work on those pens of his I've spent time with, namely the Emperor Shoki (which has very nice details), The Emperor Owl and the Yukari Royale Golden Rose (three completely different style pens) - so I'm confident I'd be impressed by this one in real life, but perhaps still considering the Emperor Pavilion the most beautiful of the three. If I was in the market for a new Yukari Royale I'd snap it up immediately, but instead I'm in the market for a new house and car and everything else that comes with moving country so pen spend on the backburners for a year.

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Thanks for posting this. I just bought the Michifumi version NOS. Waiting on nib exchange in Japan to a broad. I had heard about a newcomer but had not seen it until now. The new version looks good and perhaps plays to current tastes for more work and more color. The new one also has a different relationship between the observer and the artwork. The perspective is closer it seems. Based on pics I might just prefer the old version. More serene. Maybe I will purchase the new version too but will have to wait until my Emperor Double Dragon arrives. 

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