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Cross Apogee Fountain Pen

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So I purchased an Apogee chrome (diamond patterned) fountain pen with an 18K gold nib - at a very good price. It appears unused but came without a box. The seller had bought it in a lot and was selling it piece by piece.


The pen writes very nicely and has a very solid feel. The posting is very solid and the grip is very comfortable. It is a bit heavy though.


I do have two observations:


1. The filler section had a spring inside. I put in a cross screw on convertor without any issues. Is this usual for Apogee fountain pens to have a spring inside or this may be a converted Roller ball ?


2. Secondly, to pull off the cap you requires a lot of strength and the slippery body does not help. Could these two observations be related ?


Thank you



Apogee 1.jpg

Apogee 2.jpg

Mohammad Salahuddin Ayubi

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Also my Apogee (bought new as FP) requires a lot of strength to pull out the cap, so as I think this is normal. Instead on mine there isn’t a spring in the barrel.



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I've got one in maroon body. Cap enjoys a bit play, comes out so easily. Nothing physical.

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