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Pokeberry ink question

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I was going to make some pokeberry ink, but got to thinking. If pokeberries  are so poisonous, would the ink continue to be 

after making it? Our yard is full of them, and I'd like to use it.

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I do not recommend Pokeberry ink.  I tried to make it a while back and unless you distill it or something like that, it will mess up your nib and feed.  It works  with a dip pen, but I was never able to get it to be dark enough to make it worthwhile.




Using right now:

Parker Duofold "F" nib running Pelikan Königsblau

Leonardo Officina Italiana Pura "F" nib running Diamine Autumn Oak

Benu Briolette "F" nib running Diamine Firefly

Click Aristocrat "F" nib running D'Atramentis Cyan Blue-Copper 

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19 hours ago, Sailor Kenshin said:

Use it for poison pen letters?    😶

Great idea 💀

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