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Question on a date-less Pilot Capless C-300GW: A fake?


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I have recently purchased a capless C-300GW on yahoo auctions, and it arrived in good conditions with a pack of unopened single spare catridges.


The mechanism works well and the nib extends very little, so I believe it is an early version. However, the nib is not dated. It says Pilot/14 K/MADE IN/JAPAN with a JIS mark, but no date code. It is unlike any one presented on https://estilofilos.blogspot.com/2014/01/pilot-capless-1964-c-300sw-and.html.


I have attached the photos here. The pen is in good condition and the mechanism working properly, but I wonder if it might be an unusual version or is it just a fake? 


Edit: also noticed a thin line that looks like a scratch on the gold-plated mouthpiece part, but it is extruded from the surface (not a crack). (see last photo) Any ideas? 

Capless 4.jpg

Capless 2.jpg

Capless 3.jpg

Capless 1.jpg

Capless 5.jpg

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 All I can say is that it's a genuine article.


 Not fake at all...


EDIT: If you may kindly take a close-up of the scratch I can give you a fairly decent idea of what is going on, (used to be part of the jewelry industry, yada yada...)

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It's not fake.


Please do not think that if someone in Japan does not have it on their website it cannot be real. There is only so much information that can be provided and many website owners are far from being experts in every aspect and model of Japanese pen.


Enjoy your pen.


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The oldest and largest buyer and seller of vintage Japanese pens in America.

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