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Conway Stewart No. 77 Set "The Dandy" No. 728 Pen And Duro-Point Pencil No. 2 And Pen knife set


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I’ve just bought a Conway Stewart No. 77 Set "The Dandy" No. 728 Pen And Duro-Point Pencil No. 2 And Sheffield Made Pen knife set.
I fell in love with the set, but I’m having difficulty finding information on the vintage Dandy. 
I've tried gently moving the lever, but it's not moving at all,  so I’m guessing that I need to replace the sac. I haven’t tried removing the section yet.
Would anyone be able to advise the correct sac size to order please? I have a few on hand, but larger sizes only.
And secondly, from what I can glean, it seems that the pocket knife set  is fairly rare. It has what’s been described as a crack - please see image. 
(But I’m unsure if it's simply the way it was manufactured?)
Hello to anyone else in Melbourne, Australia!
Thank you so much for your assistance!




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Hello pandabirdy1

A UK friend of mine referred me to your post and I have joined FPN just so I could respond to it. It's a beautiful set and you have done very well to grab it. I have some sacs - I don't know off hand what size this pen needs but I would guess it's a 16.

I am in Melbourne and closely involved with the Melbourne Pen Group and the Melbourne Pen Show. I thought it would be good for us to be in touch in case you are interesting in networking wither pen / pencil / ephemera enthusiasts.

My speciality is Conway Stewart sets and I have an extensive database of which pens and pencils belong together, in which boxes and under what set numbers. Your CS set is an absolutely correct Set No. 77 from 1929. Look after it! The knife is indeed very rare but I am afraid that is a crack at the end.

I hope we can correspond. dougalaus is also my eBay name and I have a couple of CS sets on there now.

Cheers, Doug

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Unless you are experienced in such repairs I would recommend you do not attempt to fit a sac. The set is just too good and too rare to be damaged, and whilst it is slightly bigger than a Dinkie it is still a fragile item made of casein. 

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Just one thing to add-- please keep away from water! Casein will swell and collapse if it is wet too long, and it would be a tragedy to lose such a lovely set.



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