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Help identifying a recent Diplomat model


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Hi everyone, 


I'm wondering if any of the Diplomat experts in this forum can help me identify the model of this pen. It is the exact size and shape as my Optimist, so my first guess would be an Esteem (I don't have one to compare it to). But I have only seen the Esteem with the current teardrop logo and this one has the (anniversary?) clip with a cross medallion. And since I'm very new to collecting Diplomats, I have also not yet been able to figure out when the Esteem was introduced and/or what the name of a possible predecessor might have been. So any information would be greatly appreciated!


After purchasing two new Diplomats (an Excellence A2 Oxyd Brass and the Optimist in the second photo), I kind of 'accidentally' started collecting them (ahem... obsessively seeking out older models 😅) a few months ago. As such, any additional 'trivia' is also more than welcome. I'm new to the forum as a member, but I have followed quite a few of the posts and found a lot of great information on here so far!


Thanks so much for the help!



FP addict thanks to #Penpalooza. Currently can't stop collecting Diplomats.

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Update: I think I have already solved the mystery - at least to the extent that any Diplomat model mystery can be solved without access to the original and clearly labelled box. 🙂 Judging by some model color photos I've found, I think this is an XL that has the c. 1997 clip on it instead of the original 80s/90s Attaché/Traveller style clip. It seems not all colors (matte black, silver) had the gold rims on the cap and barrel flanking the black ring from the section. So I'm going with an XL, at least until I can find evidence that says otherwise!


Ps - If anyone happens to know how long Diplomat used this medallion clip on their pens after the 75th anniversary in 1997, I would love to know! Or if they changed the name of this model when they changed the clip, of course.

FP addict thanks to #Penpalooza. Currently can't stop collecting Diplomats.

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