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Monteverde Keylime Pie - comparisons and complements

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Here's my second of these comparisons / contrasts thanks to @amberleadavis! :) As before, the paper is 52gsm cream Tomoe River.  Also, I left the images big so any who wish can zoom in and see color in detail.


Photograph (Keylime Pie is a little too muted. The other colors aren't bad):



Scan (Keylime Pie is too muted, Thornton's Brown is all wrong, Inspired Blue is a bit pale, but otherwise it's not too bad):



I thought it would be helpful to list the inks used:

  • 3Oysters I.COLOR.U Hwangto
  • Diamine Autumn Oak
  • Noodler's Shah's Rose
  • Robert Oster Green Lime
  • Rohrer & Klingner Aubergine
  • Thornton's Brown (from disposable pen)
  • Waterman Inspired Blue


They all seem to go pretty well, but I especially like the bright ones: Aubergine (purple & green go well together), Shah's Rose, Inspired Blue.  But the muted oranges look really good too.  The brown, not the right shade, really - even without the scan messing it up.  Green Lime is closer than I thought, its pale parts coming close to Keylime Pie.

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Thanks, @TSherbs!  Sometimes it's fun to make a big mess. :)  Maybe next time I'll get out one of my Pilot Parallels.

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It's funny, I ended up liking Key Lime more than I thought I would. It's a super cheerful color.

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