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8440 Nib & feed broke off from nib unit stuck inside pen

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I was able to score a grail nib, sunburst #8440, off ebay for a decent price, it just came broken in a Safari. Welp, the black nib unit broke apart in the pen, like when you've shattered a lightbulb and it's stuck in the socket, and to add insult to injury it seems like there was grainy India ink remnants.


  1. Is there any hope for salvaging my beautiful 8440 nib and somehow getting it back together so I can use it in my vintage Esterbrooks? Or is this sadly a display piece now? 
  2. secondary, how/do I bother getting the remaining black plastic of the nib unit out of the pen? (not so much a concern, it was just a bonus Safari)




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I think maybe you have an Estie nib unit with a broken collar and the broken collar is stuck inside a Safari? Your #8440 nib and feed once properly cleaned could be fitted into another Estie collar so you can then use it in your Estie.

If there's any india ink in there then soak everything in Rapidoeze to get rid of that first.

If the collar in the Safari is shattered can't the bits be poked out with something like a wooden skewer or chopstick? or is it still firmly fixed in there and not shattered like a lightbulb?


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What Dione says is correct.   A tapered chop stick might be able to provide enough of a grip to unscrew the collar, provided its not really damaged.  Having gotten the feed and nib free, those can be put into another collar, with a little skill and patience.

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