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My second bespoke pen

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Ian deCourcey

This is my second bespoke pen and while i am happy with it I have a way to go before I can claim its perfect. It has a Bock #6 M nib and Beaufort premium Ink converter and triple start threads on Cap/Body.

I cast my own blanks using Alumilite which is quite expensive in Australia compared to the US.

I'm improving as I go and number three is done also, but one at a time. 

C&C welcome.

Cheers, Ian


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Ian deCourcey
3 hours ago, ParramattaPaul said:

Nicely done. 

Thanks paul, I'm pretty happy with it. 

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I think it looks great. Congratulations :) I'd love to see it capped - is it fully flush? If so, even better.  It's exactly the shape I favour at the moment, and deliciously unadorned!


If I were going to make any suggestions they would be to make the section from the same blank, and give just a little more shape - even just a bit of flare at the nib. I'd also have gone with a steel nib rather than plated - but that's probably because I'm not a fan of GP to start with!


Let's see the next one please!



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Very cool. Great job!

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Nice work!  I had not heard of Alumilite before.


Did you cut your threads on an engine lathe, or did you use one of the pricy three-lead dies?  

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