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Montblanc Solitaire Platinum 149

Joshua Pen Collector

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I also posted this message in the Introductions forum. 
Twenty-five years after seeing this model for the first time in a MB boutique, I was finally able to acquire one, used, on eBay.   That was no small feat as it involved (a) finding one that was for sale (b) at a reasonable price, and (c) being financially positioned to make the investment.  Since I have long scoured the Internet for videos showing the beautiful luster of this pen and never could find one, I am pleased to share pics from the unboxing here.  I haven’t written with it yet as I’m pondering what nib tip to affix, perhaps a custom grind.  It came with a medium which is the most boring nib size to me (ironic, I know).  

While this is certainly the most expensive pen I own, my favorite has always been the blue Waterman Edson which I’ve had for two decades.  


Have a good day.  Thanks for reading. 









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A most gorgeous aquisition @Joshua Pen Collector, what nib does it have and how does it write? May it serve you well over the years to come.

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Hi Ceelo,


It came with a medium.  I prefer a broad or double broad, and so I plan on visiting a Montblanc shop in the future to test out the various nibs before having mine swapped out.  Thanks for the comment.  

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Twenty-five years after viewing this most patrician version of a patrician model of Montblanc at one of the maison’s boutiques?  May your patience, persistence, and constancy of vision, be a lesson to us all!  Congratulations on clearing these not insignificant hurdles faced by all of us - availability, affordability, and financial feasibility - to obtain this remarkable, striking, and unique pen, and allow me to second Ceelo’s wish that it serves you well far into the future.  As they say, enjoy in good health!

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That was lovely and heartfelt, NoType.  Much appreciated!

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That's a beautiful pen! Any idea how they connect the section to the barrel?

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Thank you Stardustny.  There are specialized tools that remove Montblanc’s nibs from the grip sections. Two prongs insert into tiny grooves at the base of the nib and allow for an unscrewing motion.  They look like tweezers.  They can be found on eBay.  I wouldn’t venture to do it myself for fear of damaging the feed or scratching the nib. 

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I was referring to where the section connects to the barrel. Is the section precious resin? The barrel itself is solid metal. I was wondering if the barrel was threaded and the section screwed in to secure it. Metal Pelikans are similar (i.e., the Toledo) but I don't believe the Toledo's section screws into the barrel.


Your pen might be one of the most aesthetically elegant pens ever produced.

Edited by stardustny
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Ah, I understand your question now.  Yes, the section is resin or at least I assume it to be.  It’s a good question now it’s attached to the barrel.  It is not removable.  I wish I could find documents or videos showing the design and production of the whole platinum line.  I even bought a scale to weigh it and will update this forum again once it arrives.  


I was smitten with the elegant design of these pens the first time I saw one in person years ago.  And while Montblanc heritage collections or their intricately bejeweled pieces may range much, much higher in price, the pure simplicity of this design is what makes it my absolute favorite.  It reminds me of the sculptor Michelangelo who once said he started carving a block of marble until the figure he envisioned was revealed.  This is similar except that it’s designed in metal.  It looks electrified in sunlight.  

I also own a Pelikan, the large size, possibly M1000 but I’m less knowledgeable on the details.  Anyway, it’s a continuous solid piece as well.  The nib section does not unscrew.  It has a 3B nib.  My signatures look painted on the page!

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~ @Joshua Pen Collector:


Thank you for the images of your superb pen.


Your helpful comments and photos are a joy to read.


May this very special 149 bringing years of writing pleasure.


        Tom K.

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Congratulations.   Delightful pen. 

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How many 0s does one have to part with to own such a pen?

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That’s a fair question.  Considering I had pondered the hefty retail price tag of $18,000 many years ago, I told myself if I could ever find in, in any condition, for half of that price, I would jump on it.  Then I started following several 146 Solitaire Platinum pens on eBay, and they were all priced between 13-15,000.  One day this 149 showed up for 14,000 and I thought, wow, it’s priced lower than a LeGrand.  But that was still too expensive.  

Two days later, the listing was gone and I figured someone else had bought it.  A couple of days after, that the listing returned, only now the 149 was listed for 11,000.  I thought to myself, this seller is motivated to sell.  I’ll make a bid for 9,000.  Within an hour, they countered my bid for a few hundred more and I didn’t hesitate.  I also learned from the seller that their uncle, an attorney, had purchased the pen new and hardly used it (if at all), and it sat in a safe for the most part.  So I was assured that it was not a stolen piece, was in excellent condition, and was now available at a price I was willing to pay.  

While this writing instrument is and will always be the jewel of my collection, it’s not the last pen I will ever buy.  In fact, I bought a Wing Sung 601 ($25) from China.  It has an architect-style nib (thick horizontal stroke, thin vertical stroke) and is fun to write with.  To me, the best part of owning any fountain pen writing with it.  Having a variety of nib sizes and cuts, inks, and papers makes this such a satisfying hobby.  

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Gorgeous pen. Congratulations, also for the perseverance !! The weight is similar to that of my heaviest pen (Hitchcock). 

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