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White Lightning Ink Additive: anyone know of a UK retailer?

Joe Lafferty

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I'm new to the network having a revived interest in fountain pens over lockdown, resurrecting some old pens and adding a few (too many!) new ones...

lots of fun!!

I have some pretty dry inks and some F and EF nibs, and after research I'm wondering if getting some White Lightning Ink Additive might help the pens write a bit wetter. However, I cant seem to find a UK retailer that stocks the product and paying almost $40 for shipping seems a bit OTT... 

Does anyone know of a retailer that stocks it in the UK or Europe?



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It doesn't need to be White Lightning - that's just a brand name.


In the UK, you can either get the Anderillium Wetter from Hamilton - https://www.hamiltonpens.com/collections/anderillium-inks/products/anderillium-inks-ink-wetting-solution (though I think it's out of stock at the moment)


or just use the original - Liquitex Flow Aid - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Liquitex-Professional-Flow-Aid-118/dp/B000KNPM46/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=liquitex+flow+aid&qid=1626127451&sr=8-2 (also available from most art supply shops for slightly less, but almost inevitably with a delivery charge if you don't have a local B&M store).


Cheaper still is Kodak Photo-Flo - but the bottles are so big you'd struggle to get through one in a lifetime unless you do a lot of photo printing as well!


I generally aim for about 1 ml per 20ml ink or just a dipped paper clip end for an average (1-1.5ml-ish) fill of ink.



Oh, and welcome to FPN :)

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OOPs, I hit post before I saw the above! 

I have not used that product but a wetting agent like Photo-Flo works well. 

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On 7/13/2021 at 12:09 AM, mizgeorge said:

Thanks for the tip, mizgeorge! My bottle arrived yesterday.  :)

What is this money pit obsession hole I have fallen into? 


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