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Pilot Super 60 Cartridges or Converter

Kent R

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I have a Pilot Super 60 that needs cartidges or a converter.  I tried the Pilot Namiki cartridges that fit in my Pilot Elite, an original tab filler from a Super 100, and a CON-40 converter, none of them fit, they are all too 'fat' to fit into the receptacle on the section.

The opening for the cartridge/converter is approximately 6.7 mm inside diameter.  The Namiki cartridges, CON-40 and tab filler are all about 7.1 mm in diameter.

Does anyone have suggestions for cartidges or (preferred) a converter that will fit this pen?





P.S. I also need a clutch/trim ring for the section for a Pilot Super 100.  I took mime apart to replace the cartridge and the ring came off and went down the drain.  So the cap doesn't stay on any longer.  It is the ring that fits between the section and the barrel that I lost.


the first picture below is of the section of the Super 60, the second picture I am pointing to the missing ring on the Super 100.



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I'm not sure if that first pen would take double spare cartridges as Hari suggests, though if you have access to double spares or a CON-W then it'd be worth a shot.


My guess is that the pen was a switch filler and you were on the right track by trying to fit the filler from a Super 100.  The switch fillers came in a bunch of different diameters, though, and you might just not have the right size.  Some of the smaller Supers had squeeze fillers that fit onto the section in a similar way, see eg: https://ameblo.jp/kamisama-samasama/entry-12654149196.html



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