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Leuchtturm1917 120g


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As I am partway through the last of the leuchtturm1917's I brought back from Europe in 2019 time has come to order up a fresh supply.

Leuchtturm are pitching the 120g version as multi-media obscure. Has anyone tried one of the new 120g version yet with watercolours?


the manufacturers website details:
• Blank table of contents and numbered pages
• Gusseted pocket
• Elastic enclosure band
• 8 detachable sheets
• Sticker set for labelling and archiving
• Thread-bound book opens flat
• High-quality paper from Germany (120 g/sm)
• (A5) 145 x 210 mm; Hardcover: 203 pages

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We use this for our boat's log and write exclusively with fountain pens and either a dark iron gall or pigmented black.  No bleed through or feathering.  The binding is durable.



“The only thing most people do better than anyone else is read their own handwriting.”  John Adams

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Thanks for sharing Cliff, I used the original 80gram for my circumnavigation log — they do stand up really well to difficult conditions. 

since posting originally I’ve watched a couple of reviews which show the 120g paper buckles. 

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I just picked one up today. So far, I have a very good impression of it. Zero bleed-through, ghosting is cut by half compared to the 80 g paper, and - best of all - the lines have been printed with a subdued colour reminscent of the one Leuchtturm used originally, before their re-vamping four or five years ago. 


Draw-backs: The notebook is perhaps 20% thicker, but has fewer pages. 200 pages, compared to the 80 g 250 pages. Natural, of course, since the paper stock is 50% thicker/heavier, but worth mentioning. Especially in view of the above posts of Bristol24 and Amory using them for boat's logs. I surmise that page count and economy of size matters in that regard. 


If the paper buckles, I'll be sure and post a rant about it. 



 - P. 


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I'd like to try this out. As it is, I hesitate to call the 80g/sm "fountain pen friendly". It ghosts like crazy and even gives a little bleed trough using a non FP pen. This was the back of a page written on using a Pilot VBall 0.5 roller ball pen. My preference is juicier pens, but I don't think you can call this juicy compared to a FP. 

I love the feel of the paper, but due to the the outrageous level of ghosting I can't even use both sides of the page. 

My dirt cheap notebooks from Amazon are bulletproof compared to this, with most of the same basic features- table of contents, page marker, elastic band, expandable pocket.. the soft cover ones I have all the pages are perforated, the hardcovers are thread bound. All they're missing is page numbers and the stickers I've never used anyway. Paper is nice and thick, definitely great for long-term/frequent use. One of my hard cover has been in use since 2019, and even with plenty of pages ripped directly out of the thread binding is still holding up!


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