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How Much Is My Pen Worth? What Can You Tell Me About It?

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Hey Everyone,




I just received this pen from my mother the other day as a gift. Its been her's for years but she's never used it.




I'm new to the world of pens and would like to get some background info on this pen, and any thought you have on it.



How much do pens like this normally buy/sell for? And is there anything special about this one?





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Welcome to the forums, @Mihnea. :)   Just FYI, this sub-forum is for helping each other with problems using the site, so it's likely a moderator or admin will move your post to the "Fountain & Dip Pens - First Stop" sub-forum.  That shouldn't have any functional impact, but you may notice it moved.


As to your pen, that "Iridium Point Germany" on the nib tends to indicate a no-brand pen, often made in China, sometimes for companies that don't specialize in fountain pens, but want to offer one.  Is there any other writing on the pen - on the clip or cap-band, for example?  A direct picture of the clip might also be helpful - often brands have a distinctive clip.  And if you unscrew the body from the grip section (pen anatomy diagram here, if needed), and there's a converter inside, that might have branding on it.


I'd say the best thing you can do with that pen is ink it up and give it a test drive! :)  Maybe write a thank-you note to your mom.

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42 minutes ago, Mihnea said:

Thank you so much for your help and time 

You're welcome.  If an admin doesn't move this over to that other forum soon, you could try posting there yourself - it's possible people who don't watch this forum do watch that one. :)   (Or it could just be that folks are doing something else on a Friday, hard to say.)

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