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Hero 616-Plus

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I've just ordered several of these recent iterations of the venerable Hero 616. The Plus's switch converter is welcomed and accounts in large part for my purchase.  I'm also concerned with the removability of the section. I would very much welcome any  general comments from  users of the Hero 616-Plus.


  Al in Philadelphia

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Well well, 616-Plus , certainly a misleading name I shall say , while in external dimension, styling all its exactly a 616, the pen parts are all different , but surely a nice next generation after so many decades ( actually this month marks the 60th anniversary of 616's release ) ; you might want to check out this old thread I started about the innards of various hooded nib pens ; the hot water bath method works, but we are talking almost boiling water for at least 5 to 10 min bath, not just hot water as per say ..


for the part, the 616 plus , together with the Kaco Retro, Jinhao 51a, Thebai Theyer 3.0 / Theyer PRO, and many other similar and not so similar  styled hooded nib pens of current production - Differs from the vintage models by adopting the single piece feed / collector and using the de facto 18.5X3.3 tubular nib instead of the older 19.5X3.3 on the vintage 616. Overall I say it made it a more reliable and consistent pen to had and for writing. You might want to check the 616S, the even newer version of the 616 Plus with hood inlaid, and a metal lacquered barrel , otherwise the same


The pen share many parts dimension with older and other models , so modding / mix and match is fairly easy , here's my 616 Plus modded beyond recognition ( other than the styling part ) , its got a vintage 616 calligraphy nib ( 19.5X3.3  ] , after market wood barrel , and a current production 616 hood ( 616 plus do not had this colour option )


49744177143_8df1fe270e_k.jpgHero 616 Plus modded, on Flickr

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The nib can be also removed without opening the section by using a nail clipper, it's much easier and safer that way ! 


I love Fountain Pens, with hooded nib in the classic style, Parker 51/61 type .

Ionut - Marius

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