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Help with Late Father's Montblanc Pen's

Scott G

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Good morning,

Unfortunately, my father passed last month.  I am currently working through (with my mother) many of his possessions.  A bit of background (I struggled to post this, as I don't mean to seem insensitive to the value that many here place on these pens, I myself collect/value vintage audiophile equipment in a similar fashion).  My father was a collector and a pack rat, I say this to qualify that these sat in a drawer and I never saw them in over 40 years.  Suffice to say (knowing my dad), he did not give these much thought or value them as prized possessions.  My mother is on a fixed income and every bit helps these days so I will probably be looking to sell these if they have any value.  There are plenty of items that I know my father valued and spent lots of time/funds collecting that I am keeping (said as a right handed non-golfer who now has vintage left hand clubs that I plan on keeping), just wanted to give a bit of background as not to seem awful.


The first (I believe) is Model 164 (purchased in 1988)  I have the paperwork and warranty and from what I found online it seems this is the pen.  It is in great condition (like I said I don't think he took it out of the drawer much.  Here are some pictures (the pen is in a Montblanc case, I don't know if it goes with the 164 or the second (larger pen, the loop inside is fitted for the larger pen)







The second is a larger (fatter) pen.  The markings as I understand that it is  a model 4810 18 karat Model 750.  I would guess its also from the 1980's given my dad's career/life trajectory.  I don't have any documentation for this modle








I have looked as some ebay auctions but see a great variety in what these are valued at.  Do these identifications seem correct? Any obvious factor/aspect I am missing?  I see lots on ebay, is there a better or more preferred forum for these types of sales/auctions?


Thanks so much for the help and insight!




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I will defer on the first as I know little about BPs.

The second, though, just to elaborate a bit


What you've listed as the models are actually not. 750 refers to the nib being made of 18K gold(which is 75% gold). "4810" is stamped on many Montblanc nibs, and is(roughly) the height of the namesake mountain, Mont Blanc, in meters(I think the real one is actually something 4807 or so, but close enough).


Your photo doesn't show the model number on the cap band(If you look, it is marked "MONTBLANC-MEISTERSTÜCK-No" around it) but it very much looks like a 149 based on the overall shape/look of the top of the cap. The 149 is the flagship Montblanc pen, so this is a very nice piece.

As to specifics on this one-it has a tri-tone(gold/rhodium/gold) nib marked "18C"(for 18 karat). It has a "round grooved" feed and one piece barrel. These features combined make me think this pen is likely late 1960s to early 1970s production. From what I can see of the nib, it appears to be a broad tip.

This is quite a nice pen.

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You are correct, the BP is a 164.

A very common "companion" for the FP.  Which I, too, think is a 149.

I agree with the comments about the FP offered by @bunnspecial


Unless you are an experienced eBay seller with a great desire to sell these pens on eBay, I recommend you look for other alternatives.

You might wish to look into the rules about posting them for sale here.  If you are eligible to do so, this would be a good place to begin.


Good luck; I'm sorry for your loss.


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Thanks for the help and reply guys, it is a 149 checked just now.  It seems this would be a good place (Ebay was just where I looked to find before I found here).  I will be doing some research.  Appreciate the help and thoughts!


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Judging by the feed, the size of the 18C and the section lip, the 149 looks to be a 1960s model. 

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