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Request for Help: finding a feed &/or ID for a Mabie Todd Swallow

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Hi all! 


I've lurked here off and on and finally joined, and always amazed to see how much knowledge every one has! 


I bought this Mabie Todd Swallow pen with a #2 semi flexible nib a while back and was waiting to install a new sac. I'm uncertain of the exact pen, but the barrel says "Swallow Mabie Todd & Co. Pat. May 21-8". Sadly, as I was taking a pen out from the same case it was in, it fell in a freak accident onto a tiled floor, and the ebony feed cracked in half. 


Any idea what pen this is/was? And where I might look for a feed? Ebay didn't come up with much, unfortunately, but I figure knowing something more about  the pen would help. 


As an aside, I was able to fit the nib onto a Kaweco Sport feed and pen with no adjustments so I can at least use it, and it worked surprisingly well! 









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That is a late American Mabie Todd pen.  The feed looks typical of many MT pens. There are not well defined or well organized and named models from this era of the American company.  So there will be no way to really know ahead of time on line if a given feed would fit. For the time being, you need to find someone with a pile of parts and just add any random feed that fits the section.

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