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Franklin-Christoph Model 02 "Intrinsic" Converter Hack


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The tapered barrel of the FC Model 02 "Intrinsic" is an exceptionally clever piece of design: it ensures that the cap posts deeply and securely, and makes the pen very comfortable to write with.


Mine is in black an cinamaroon, so I have no intention of eye-droppering it, which means I fill it via the converter. The tapered barrel, and the very tight tolerances, mean that the converter knob sits very close to the wall of the barrel. This is all, undoubtedly, a very good thingTM. 


However, my pen is clipless, so between note taking, I place it in the gutter of my notebook and, because I do not always do so as delicately as perhaps I should, I noticed that occassionally as I set the pen down I would hear the knob of the converter make a clacking sound as it hit the inside of the barrel. Everything about this pen attests to thoughtful design and execution: the fit and finish is exemplary. So the sound of something rattling as I set the pen down really began to grate...


My solution? Simple. A spare o-ring from my Conid, and now the pen, no matter how heavily I set it down, is completely silent! I have refilled the pen a couple of times now, and the o-ring is not in the way when filling, it just sits there "quietly" doing its job. 


I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I thought I would share it in case they had.



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Excellent idea - one perhaps for the early Momento Zero owners who complain about rattling converters.

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