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Japan Lacquer : How much do you know about lacquer?

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Thank you for your many answers.  I haven't read them yet.🙏

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Maybe a short introduction to the complexity of only the polishing process - Uwazuri

After the final lacquer layer (uwanuri) was ground flat and “dôzuri” pre-polished with fine clay powder “tonoko” and rapeseed oil, transparent urushi lacquer (I use pure Sukurome Urushi) is rubbed into the surface and wiped off completely with paper (I use toilet paper) and cured 24 hours in the “urushi-muro”. This process is repeated several times. Then the surface is polished with polishing powder “migako”, rapeseed oil and the finger tips. (I personally repeat rubbing sukurome again afteer this process three more times) The final polishing is a dry polish done with migako and fingers only. “Uwazuri” can be repeated as many times necessary. For lacquer ware of heavy use, like “Katana Saya” and or pens 6 layers are recommended. Rubbing in lacquer fills the micro pores, saturates pigmented urushi like Red "Shû-Neri" and black "Shôen-Neri" and builds a very thin and hard surface. To resume, only polishing takes up to 10 days

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