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Visconti new 14k nib in Voyager 2020 - have you tried?


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I am looking for an opinion about the new 14k nib, which is in the Visconti Voyager 2020 model.


At the moment, I am considering the purchase of Visconti.  I am thinking between Visconti Medici midi with a palladium FINE nib and the Voyager 2020 model with a new 14k FINE nib.  This will be my first "expensive' Visconti (I have Van Gogh with steel fine nib now, I used to have Rembrandt and Pericle).

I am curious about both the palladium and 14k nibs, because I do not have experience with them. I had an opportinity to tried to write with Visconti with palladium fine nib, pen from a friend. His fine nib turned out to be super wet, too wet for my taste, but it wrote really nice and I like it. But I'm a little worried about this wetness.

I had not an opportunity to try this new 14k nib anywhere. I don't know what to expect...


Does anyone have any experience with new 14k nib from Visconti an/or comparison 23palladium fine nib with 14k new nib?



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Posted Images

14k nib from Visconti, Homo Sapiens Lava "Terra di Siena":

First one, "F": Ink flow issues.

Second one, "M": Even worse, not usable at all. (Photo)

Third one, "F": Writes well, no issues. (Photo)



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Oh, that looks terrible! Great that you finally get one which is writing. But the third one... 😳


I finally decided oto get Visconti Medici Midi with a 23k Palladium nib, since this is the last chance for one (palladium and midi pen) - I could check the nib in the store and it's ok. I just regret that it's Fine, because I would like EF the most, but I'm very, very happy anyway!

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Ahh Visconti “quality”...sadly a thousand times better than Stipula.  If you get one that works I think the Palladium nib feels softer and has wetter ink flow.  I’ve tried the 14k nibs and the one that worked was ok but nothing special. 


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7 hours ago, buechernarr said:

@NikaaYou asked for some photos of the latest nib, so here it is.




Thank you! :) The same nib is in Voyager 2020. Oh, I'm so happy that I decided to get Medici with 23k Palladium Fine (and it works great :)!).




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19 hours ago, rookie85 said:

@NikaaI recently purchased my first Visconti. This came with an 18k Medium nib. It wrote amazingly out of the box. I hope you enjoy yours.



Great to hear that! :) Yes, my dreamtouch nib is great, I really enjoy using it. Enjoy yours! :)

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