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Do You Agree With This Statement: People Always Love Their First Gold Nib Better Than Other Pens That Work Better

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Like Brian Goulet loves his Custom 74 and Kerry from Pens and Tea loves her Platinum 3776 Century and I personally love my Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini. Do you personally like your first gold nib more than other pens that write, look, feel, etc. better? Thank you for your responses!


W. H. Major

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I love my first gold nib, but there are ten pens I like better.



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The truth is that I do not remember precisely what my first gold nib was - too long ago, and to many pens in the interval.  Maybe the gold filled Targa from my wife, which I still have.  Very nice nib though.  Not to be monotonous about it, but I have an Esterbrook 9461 that beats everything else,  no exceptions. 

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No here too.


My first pens had gold nibs, and whilst I love them for their place in my own personal history, I don't love them more than others I've had since, regardless of nib material.


Modern steel nibs are often as good or better than modern gold nibs IMO, at a fraction of the price, and with far less guilt when you want to modify them!


And I'm afraid I couldn't care less what the 'influencers' like.

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No.    It is a conflated question. "People always love their first gold nib" is not the same as then appending "than other nibs that work better."

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No here as well, recently got a gold nibed parker duofold junior and I absolutely love it. Not actually sure why I like it so much? But I do

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Kinda sorta...I bought into the "Gold nib" hype because the Nibmeister I chose only works on gold nibs.
The FC "Flex" nib that I purchased was an utter and total rip-off and having it modified didn't make it any better.
$300 down the drain for a nib that flexes in the center of the friggin nib body instead of at the tines and so sharp that I can't write with it.
I sent it back to the nibmeister to be reduced to a writable nib-tip-size and there it has been since early March.
I don't miss it at all and money can always be gotten. *shrug*
I have a vintage 105 year old Mabie Todd Swan with a Gold nib and it's a gusher. So much so that I don't like flexing it at all.
That combined with it's Crayola Crayon size...it's useless to me. Cleaned it out and placed it in storage...its only a collector piece.

I dropped less money on commissioning a "Secretary of De Flex" at the start of this month and I have higher belief that its truly flexible STEEL nib will suit me better.
I'm done chasing the gold-nib hype...

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Nope. Favourite gold nibed pen is a Pelikan 400NN, and I think that was probably my 4th or 5th?

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No.  My first gold nib was the Conway Stewart I used right through school and disliked so much that it took me nearly a lifetime to rediscover fountain pens.


My first gold nib this go-round suffered from a severe case of baby's bottom and went back for a refund.


Fortunately, I've now got a nice collection of pens (mostly gold and some steel) which perform well and that I love using.

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The first gold nib I owned (and still own) is on a Montblanc Classique I bought in the late 70s. Dead stiff. I'm into flex now, so it doesn't see much use.

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well , no, do not find it more or less exciting, gratifying at all

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No, I don't agree.


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Bo Bo Olson

No, not now....My P-75 bought in '70-71, has a gold nib, but for @ 40 years it was uses as often as a green moon. I was a Ball Point Barbarian.

It by the way is a semi-nail.

Well for a $22  dollar pen, one expected a gold nib....not that I freaked out on it.

After all we had a family Black and Gold Snorkel, with a gold nib, so all in all it wasn't a real big deal. Of course first class pens had a gold nib...it was expected.

As a child, watching fountain pen commercials on B&W TV, I swore when I got grown up and had a job, to get a Snorkel. Some 55 or so years later I did.


When I got addicted, I'm sure some of the cheap pens i bought had a gold nib; and were not all that impressive....I don't know if it was before or after I got my 140, I told some seller who wanted more because some pen had a gold nib....I said, so what; not something I was all that interested in....wasn't a bargaining point. Didn't buy the gold nail.

He a ball point barbarian also thought gold was the cat's meow. It was a nail, and even then I was moving rapidly away from them. 

A gold nail = exactly a steel nail; a nail's a nail....comes down to which has the smoother tipping; if that.

Does the pen have balance?

German vintage '50-70 semi-flex stubs and those in oblique give the real thing in On Demand line variation. Modern Oblique is a waste of money for a shadow of line variation. Being too lazy to Hunt for affordable vintage oblique pens, lets you 'hunt' for line variation instead of having it.

www.nibs.com/blog/nibster-writes/nibs-germany & https://www.peter-bo...cts/nib-systems,


The cheapest lessons are from those who learned expensive lessons. Ignorance is best for learning expensive lessons.



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Not exactly.

My first two pens had steel nibs, Pelikan 120 and P474.

Used for many years.

My first pen with a gold nib was an Omas Milord, which I used only for a short while, after which it was stolen from my desk at the office during the night...

Sometime later those three pens started off my quest for Omas and Pelikan pens...

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The first pen I bought myself was a Targa 1003 with a 14k gold nib, in 1983. I still have it. Do I love it more than others? Not the nib, per se, but the pen has a sentimental meaning that none of my others do.

Vintage. Cursive italic. Iron gall.

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