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Cellophane or Plastic Bags for Pen Storage

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I have some relatively inexpensive opens that I'd like to put into long term storage. I'm thinking of placing them in bags to prevent them from scratching each other--- would plastic or cellophane be best? Your thoughts please.

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Personally, I prefer to stay away from plastic. Hate it for many reasons. I'd prefer some natural fabric or material instead. Some soft cloth that can protect from UV and light.


If you want to see them, maybe plastic, but I seem to remember that some plastics could damage some FP materials. Some FPs need to breath not to accumulate "toxic" (for the material) fumes. Some FPs are better protected from light (e.g. ebonite). Some plastic bags tend to become fragile or "gummy" with time and may end up as trash or goo. Too many years and too many examples of plastics gone wrong (mind you maybe it's only 'cos I had bad luck or used wrong plastics).


Ideally I'd go for a silk cloth or leather bag. But cotton, linen, velvet or almost any inert natural product (even paper, silk paper for instance) would give a pleasant tactile experience, likely (depending on choice) also a nice visual experience, and should protect the pens.


But that's me. I am a maniac of natural fabrics and materials. So I recognize I am as biased as it may. So, take this message for what it is worth, which I personally would not value too much.


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