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Ink Recommendations for OMAS


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Hi All,


I just purchased a '92 Omas Extra in Saft Green. I would like to preserve this pen as long as possible so would like to know what inks people have found work well and do not strain the pen. My first inclination was Waterman Blue but I think I need something a bit more lubricated.  Has anyone had issues with Monteverde inks in their OMAS pens? Any feedback would be appreciated. 

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I have used for something like 30 years in my Omas pens inks like Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer and Mont Blanc, without any issue, also in vintage pens.

....This also because at that time those werw the inks available in my country....

Obviously more recently I also used other inks and I did not had any particular problem.

Just try to skyp the more agressive inks like IG or some specific ink reputated difficult for pens.

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What’s wrong with Waterman inks? I think they are some of the most reliable and well-behaved inks on the market and they work perfectly well in all of my OMAS pens. My OMAS nibs work fine with just about any ink I have on the shelf, mostly Diamine, Waterman, Pelikan, OMAS.

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Monteverde Horizon is a lovely colour blue, however my bottle has turned fowl, rotten eggs stink, I could not really recommend it, I've heard quite a lot of other Monteverde users finding similar issues. The problem also is that the ink turns bad after some time so you may use it once and next time it's turned bad in the bottle.


Waterman and Pelikan are good, also their Edelstein, Montblanc, Aurora, Visconti, Diamine, J.Herbin. Lot's of good inks around.

What size is the nib?, Omas pens have usually generous flow (piston filler + ebonite feed) unless the nib is very fine, I doubt you would need a highly lubricated ink.

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