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Help Identify Sheaffers Diamond Nib Fountain Pen


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Can anyone help me identify this Sheaffer pen? I don't know much about Sheaffers lines, so I really don't know what to say about it. Let me know if there are any additional pictures I should take.



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Oh, is that what it's called? It is a touchdown. I thought it was a variation of a piston filler.


I actually filled it up, and it's a really great writer! Very smooth, and quite consistent.

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Sheaffer lists two sizes for their Imperial nibs - long and short inlaid nibs.   This obviously is a long, and being a Touchdown is a plus.   Nice find.  Gray pens are far less common than black. 


These nib units have plastic thread bushings with a nipple attached.  The thead bushing can be changed out with the plastic ones with the piercing tube sticking out the end for use in the cartridge converter pens, which were used in the  Comcact Imperials.  They can not however, be swapped with any parts on a nib  unit with the metal thread bushing.  The inside design, including the feed is completely different.

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Thanks so much!


Very interesting to hear about the nib unit. Right now, I think everything is working with the pen but I'll keep that in mind.


Is there any way to know what year it is? Does anyone know what kind of imperial it is? I see online that they're numbered at least up to VII.


Thanks again!!

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