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Montblanc Student Pen


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I posted this elsewhere but got no replies. Hope this is a better place for my question. 

I bought a MB in the early 70’s that I have not seen referenced. It was a students pen I think. It was yellow or butterscotch and black. It had a MB logo that uncharacteristically screwed on (white on black). 

I sent it to MB for repair many years ago. Recently I came across the sleeve that MB returned it in and the original ink in a plastic MB container. 

The pen was discarded long ago. On finding the remnants I was compelled to buy a 149. 

My question: what was my original pen, can I still find one?


Thank you for any info. 


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3 minutes ago, Uncial said:

Sounds like it might have been a Montblanc Carrera

Oh thank you. Just looked on ebay and saw my old pen. Thank you again. 

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