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Platinum Izumo Urokomon


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This is the Platinum Izumo Urokomon with cosu nib. A most excellent pen and nib. A fantastical, comfortable writer. Not a cheap pen but most impressive and indeed value for money. The display of urushi/maki-e craft is a wonder to behold. Photos do not do this pen justice. Uroko mon are diamond shaped Japanese family crests that are meant to evoke animal scales. These are hand drawn and finished in a variety of techniques. Platinum has done this pattern on several pen lines including the President, 3776, and this Izumo. The Izumo pens are really incredible sleeper hits. I have quite a few and in my opinion they are beautifully made superb writers and are value priced.  







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3 hours ago, Doug C said:

I love the pen. What is the Cosu nib?

Cosu or coarse. It’s like a fat double broad but more complicated. There is some variation in line width available depending on how vertical the pen is held. 

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