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LAMY cp1 time table

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I posted this in another, less frequented post already, but I thought it might be interesting for other LAMY enthusiasts also. And may be, some of you can ad som informations or dates to the time table.


Recently,  some members of german penexchange.de tried to bring some order into the chronology of the different mdoels of the cp1. The result is not yet complete, but nevertheless considerable and helpful as I think. I would therefore like to share a short summary with you.


The LAMY cp1 writing instruments were designed by Gerd A. Müller and were riginally designed to compete with the slimmest pens, or even to be the slimmest fountain pen ever. LAMY even developped a new cartridge (T10) for this pen. The diamter of the ealy cp1 is equal with a common pencil!




Here comes the time table as a draft:




So, the very first LAMY cp1 fountain pen was the (slim) model 50 in brushed steel:




The second variant was the model 58 in mat black (the surface is called titanium oxyd)




after these two came the models 53 in sterlingsilver and 57 in white lacquer.


In 1983 (date not yet confirmed) the pen was completely redesigned. The new model was thicker and longer. Feeder and nib were adopted from the Safari. here is a comparison of the models 50 and 59:




The models before 1983 were delivered with a thin squeeze converter. Modern converters do not fit:




Concerning the models after 1983, I am not sure if the table is complete. There are also some model numbers and dates missing on the time table. Hopefully, we can complete these one day.



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This is an excellent resource, Christof! Thanks for taking the time to write it up, shoot the photos, and share it. My interest in collecting Lamy pens has only really focused on the Safari and 2000 models, and I have always had a blind spot for the great 70s and 80s pens. This, along with your Profil series, has taught me a lot about this era from Lamy's history. For example, I didn't know the T10 cartridge was developed for the cp1.


One thing I've admired about Lamy is their efficiency in design for their internal mechanisms. One example is Lamy 2000 "borrowing" the Tintomatic feed and nib from the 27/99 range, the Profil and 68 models using the same piston mechanism as the 2000, and certainly the current lineup that is mostly built around the Safari feed and nib. Can you say any more on the feed and nib of the early cp1 versions, and how they might have compared to other models in Lamy's lineup?

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Thanks for this information about the CP1. It is surprising that the Cp1 pen has been around for so many years. The Lamy designs are very resistant to time:Lamy 2000,Safari and CP1 are good examples.

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Thank you Brandon



 For example, I didn't know the T10 cartridge was developed for the cp1.


Have a look at page 18/26 of the handwritten document I sent you....



Can you say any more on the feed and nib of the early cp1 versions, and how they might have compared to other models in Lamy's lineup?


As far as I know was this feeder only used in the cp1 and the production was stopped for some reasons around 1983.


I remember having read here on FPN of the developpement of the cp1 as the slimmest possible pen. (I think it was Member Pen Engineer that mentioned having been involved in the developpement of the feed of the cp1.)


The nib is similar shaped as the later Safari nib, but smaller. Maybe it was kind of a predecessor of the Safari nib?


When I find the time I will try to disassemble the early cp1 and taking some photos.





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On 3/5/2021 at 3:47 PM, christof said:



When I find the time I will try to disassemble the early cp1 and taking some photos.








Here comes the promised picture of the section feed and nib of the first generation in comparison to the second generation of cp1*


51009964232_873398fd55_k.jpgLAMY cp1 section feed nib by C.M.Z, auf Flickr


*cp stands for "cylindric pen"


Hope this helps.


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Wonderful! This kind of thing is fascinating to me. I just took apart 4 different Lamy 2000 caps to spot the differences... and more importantly, didn't break any of them.

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Hi there!

It's my first post here. I have my Lamy CP1 for a couple of hours now (this it's my latest acquisition). I don't know for sure but I think this is in gunmetal finish (it's a polished finnish). "W. Germany" is engraved on the bottom of the clip. Modern cartridges and converters fits inside the pen. The nib is a standard Z50 nib and it is on the broad side (there was no engravings/infos on the nib).


And I'm love this pen already! :D





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13 minutes ago, christof said:

Thank you for sharing your picture and welcome to the party!


The term "gunmetal" isn't official at all. I was referring to pens like this:




Is yours comparable?

I don't know - my pen doesn't look like oxidized metal, but rather like varnished grey metal with tiny glowing particles embedded in it.


EDIT: Sorry for the quality - I don't have any macro lens 😕


EDIT2: I think this is it: https://www.ebay.ch/itm/LAMY-cp1-Fountain-Pen-in-Metallic-Grey-Model-55-with-steel-M-nib-W-Germany/164389853442?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2646661902:g:NOEAAOSwCRVfcI1a&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkfOCvCjTOBWK8pwriaolq5qDWVR%2BuAxWkZfiR%2BQ30ODRa4ERHR2Q5orHa7QIWzhmMBtCf2IwiJvgyajNKFSHKqT5i2cYEQYz3vMiDRV7gOS2LQJzk2xJnZOSiV53qTJn0K%2FjNOL0pizAqTnNX0387g31EXU8gwGJ3nl9T8%2FTp2hilOpqTLWP9O%2FbQwDBM1%2BGLxkLuG0%2F9Rhw%2FDlID0iSlHv00uwHJBrkNenWIQ02GgOeH0bpcYUSGzOEpo7DywMV6YTg%2BcmpImHD%2BP4zXWSDE9rhGUh0sSm9DIHrRSt93DiVgzycB77JcFacAQifuXE0tam2HzzYipTy7rQASLJgnMLsW7DvfATq1UdLaLG5vhjHx6aTaEH6AKX9akuWCv8DT1vbeRkmmyhW2LM03Ea2v701imY81m3Kme2Vn0k63zZe80hoLclqpscBoBBb5zZHTIe5fOeyqRnFuXtj0yBFgPXk5GvtMD3GlfEGqmtGIqj5XZ4W4JQVHsz2EAJ1oRg1Q8wC%2BaKL0MzTAN9sz8%2F8ubP7rUFrcsIeJOmOwH%2FngALIHe4gz8Gqn9Xybc2Ou7nbJFl33rpug36%2FPCEXqKfU8NLXfldDPNLN%2Fjhs2jFn%2FhpzfGj37wlvaSzJ0K%2F1aP0FhHGfnS%2BJzqO%2FBV84T2E3UlVrbvymLsJC%2BDF5fXn8iz8qQdHnDDAP3QWbfmY0FFcgnTwizykwxGRt0zDH5dOuk6FB5zcPTN9x7XXqDaYFYkkXPZQ97F%2BPLqpDPaVNUzRa5%2BNvRASArzgYGWPNnn1mvSA%3D%3D|cksum%3A164389853442e928b26206534123a8da3a88424c75be|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524

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Here are pictures of the pen with the clip with the longitudinal black stripe. The top of the cap is also black btw



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Thank you everyone who has contributed to this thread.  I really like the history fo Lamy Pens and models and haven't seen much information previously on the CP1.  Now need to see what my versions are according to the list.




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Super interesting!!

"If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live."

– Lin Yu-T'ang

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a m a r g o

Thank you very much for the information!

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I just found this topic when searching for more information about the Lamy CP1. I had one as a loan sometime ago to review on my Youtube channel. I thought it was a fun slim pen, well built. A couple of years later I spotted a used very cheap black set (fountain pen, felt tip pen, ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil) at a store here in Lisbon and just bought it. I found interesting to see a Lamy nib with no breather hole or any engraving. Cleaned it and put it away. A few days later I bought another cheap set from the same store (thought it would be nice to make a giveaway on the channel) and when I compared them I saw they were different. I searched online (this topic wasn't published yet, I think) and found out one was the 58 and the other is the 56.

Since then I got very interested in this and I already have 7 in my collection - one is the chrome version which I was not sure if it was a real factory product or an after market modification - and 2 more coming in the mail. One of those coming in the mail is (apparently) a different model from all the others you listed here. I'll share photos here when I get it.


But I wanted to confim this: a slimmer white CP1 was made? I only have (and only saw those) the thicker one...


Thank you for this table and sorry for the long message...

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