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The state of BayState Blue

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There is a lasting tribute to this ink inside of an enameled steel desk drawer in our office from when a bottle leaked.  May not be permanent/archival on paper, but ye gods on anything else. 


I bought a bottle if the stuff before I was better versed in pens/inks as an archival ink.  Let's just say that the place I bought it from wasn't exactly honest about it's on-paper or in pen qualities.  I later found out that it ain't exactly archival.


I should have kept the feed section from a Waterman Phileas I had as a lasting tribute to its destructive properties. 


I can get superior durability with superior performance from Sailor/Platinum pigmented inks and DeA's document inks.  I can get better durability and slightly better performance out of the R&K Dokumentus inks.  Really want to be able to say the same about the MB Permanent inks, but can't. 


Bottom line: now days you couldn't pay me to use Bay State Blue, or any Noodler's ink for that matter.

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