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How do I match a desk base to my desk pen?

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I have a W-E desk pen I got off eBay, no idea about the model or year, and it came without a base (or a cap, naturally). I wonder if there any standards here? It's my first time dealing with a desk pen.
Will any W-E desk base work or do I need the sellers to give me the measurements to be sure?




for instance, I found this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/133671721777 and the seller just eyeballs it at "under half an inch". well, that's not much help when 0.2mm can make or break this as a fit :)

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This Eversharp desk pen appeared circa 1941 and they were likely sold until the mid 1940s and possibly also later.


The ebay desk base has the socket style that is definitely correct for your pen. The inner diameter of the socket at its open end should be 11.0 mm and the colour of course should be black (these desk pens and sockets also came in cordovan red).

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I am happy to say it works fine and the pen is a delight. the fit is a bit loose and there may have been a felt ring that peeled off, but it seems to do the intended job, Thanks!

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