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Retro 51 pens overpriced at that “wild” site. Palmer still to retail at fair price.


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This warning: Retro 51 Palmer model, a beautiful design in collaboration with Anderson Pens, is still at its fair retail price. After the announcement of their out of business last year, we learned recently with little wonder that they will go “safe and sound” for some more time.
I do not think it is my own figuration to observe that there was an increase in collaboration with the brand along with several brick and mortar retailers. This also had the annoying effect of watching limited editions going to “Bay” site at incredible prices... is better not to rush to buy this Palmer to 200 bucks when you could still find it at 60 from the Anderson’s, for example.

Good for Retro 51 and for collectors who as me, purchase a pen for its original design.

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