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Help with Yard O Lead Pencil

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E454744E-6138-4895-97B0-75064E25CE1D.jpeg.9075261419106ff0806fac8d68b5e434.jpegHi, I have inherited a pencil and am trying to identify it and find out more about it. It has Yard O Lead on the clip, but I can’t see any hallmark or identifying marks. can anyone help? I’m not even sure if it is genuine. I know nothing about it at all.  Here are some pictures of the pencil. 


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In the absence of hallmarks I'd say it is plated. If it has/ had tarnish to the metal surface then it is silver plated. Alternatively, it could be platinum plated. 


Y-O-L are still going strong, if you haven't already seen their website then I'd recommend a look. They work in sterling silver almost exclusively these days.


I'd hazard a guess that your pencil is from the second half of the last century, possibly 1950s.


Your cap should push all the way down to fit flush with the barrel and extend to receive refills, which you might be able to source from Y-O-L themselves.


All the best


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