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I like Pentel EnerGel pens with the 0.5 needle tip. Really smooth and reliable writing, I enjoy using them when I need to write fast. So I envy flatline - both Pentel EnerGel pens and refills are way more expensive here.

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On 4/3/2021 at 12:41 PM, MYU said:

Fascinating -- I'd no idea of such a color, Bordeaux Black. Unfortunately, they don't seem to offer these as refills, only in the pen. Given the decent pen construction, you'd think they would offer refills as a more "green" minded approach. But Uniball's website doesn't show any.

No, I don’t think they make refills outside of the basic blue, black, and red.  Unfortunate, but the color of this pen is well worth buying the whole pen.  Since first discovering it, I’ve probably bought at least ten in 0.38.

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I have a Parker 51 ballpoint that has a broken cap jewel, and I can't get the cap off to get the Parker gel refill out.  It's been like this since the early 90s.  The gel refill still writes nicely, and I can live with it.  Writes on like some kind of gost ship.


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