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Bible Ink (iron gall) review

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4 minutes ago, Intensity said:

It's probably a marketing strategy, the name.   

A large percentage of the world population holds the bible in great esteem, and some non-trivial percentage does things like bible study, which includes writing quotes from the bible, notes on them, etc.   "Bible Ink" has a ring of endorsement to it, like this is the ink you should use, it's somehow more authentic.  I don't personally subscribe to that school of thought, but I can see the Guttenberg Museum marketing team thinking it was a good idea to name the ink that way.

I wonder if that was their marketing idea, then why did they go for such exorbitant shipping costs ;)


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Also, they should have....

  1. offered that ink in a bigger bottle (than 25 ml), and
  2. included same in a dark brown glass bottle and/or a nice cardboard box to protect it from any excess light.


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