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Summit S.125 nibs?


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Had a business seller on eBay sell a pen to me with a cracked nib and not mention it in the description - and was hard to see in the blurry photos! Really naughty and their response that 'at this price what do you expect?' for £20 when I have bought better pens for the same or less without a cracked nib AND those sellers were honest. Very lucky for them I didn't want the stress of calling eBay in. Yet I am worried if I give the pen back they will just flog it on to someone else the same way :-/
So I could return it or get a replacement nib - anyone know what nibs fit a Summit S.125? A Mk 1 I think, dark green marble http://summit.wesonline.org.uk/section105.html - it is a nice pen, despite the unfixable nib. I'd love a flex nib, if one of those will fit...but finding a genuine Summit nib might be hard.

(Oh and another minor rant: they also sent it in a really thin cheap jiffy bag. No other protection. I was shocked. And yes they charged £3 extra for postage and packing!

Thing is, all the other pens I have bought off eBay have been lovely people, and really well packaged, and as described - well bar a slightly bent Waterman nib but I think they weren't a regular seller of vintage pens/jewellery unlike this person. That's why I feel this is rather sharp practice and not just ignorance).

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I'm Tim, an artist working in ink and watercolour, using fountain pen and brushes. Mostly urban sketching, landscapes and abstracts. My Instagram is @fingertrouble and my site can be found at tjbaker.co.uk

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It's a shame to have a bad experience like this. I had something similar with a Montblanc no.34. The photos seemed to show a reasonable pen, but when it arrived I found the section was cracked and fell apart on me! As it was cheap, I didn't bother contacting the seller. I ended up sourcing a section for a similar price to the pen in the first place. After all that, not such a bargain after all!


How did you go sourcing a nib for yours? The reason I ask is that I'm looking for a feed to fit a Summit S.125 mk1.... 🙂

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