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CP1 black finish question


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Hi everyone,

This is the first midle priced pen I 've bought when I was stil at school (6-7 years ago) to replace my Parker Jotter Steel. I wanted a pen that whould be a good everyday writer and when I saw this slim matte black pen with modern look I had to get it. After 3-4 months of continuous use, the matte finish has disappeared, giving it's place to a shiny finish which started picking up some scratches. I didn't really minded back then, but as the years have pasted, and I watched some reviews on youtube, I haven't see anyone that had the same problem with me. So I wonder,

   - have I got a pen with defective finish?

   - or is it just the daily use that it has seen back in the day?

I expect that from the daily use it would acquire some scratches, but I find it dificult to believe that the matte finish would go away so easily.



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Ohw yeah it looks pretty used indeed. 
I have 2 pictures on my instagram feed that show similar development.


First my Rotring 600:


if you look closely you also see the wearing of paint on the esges and the grip. This pen got about 7 years of super intense usage. 

And the shinyness also appeared with my Lamy Logo:

The Logo is 20+ years old now. I don’t recall when the shine started to appear. 


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Hi @lucraak

I find the wear of the Rotring quite pleasing.

I can't actually say that about my CP1 or the Logo. They just don't look as good (to me).

If I buy a Lamy with metal body again I will definitely carry it in a case or I will choose a non painted model.

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