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NORMA Fountain pen 1938 history

Maurice ADIBA

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Hello everyone,
I recently got a NORMA fountain pen which must be from 1938. I can't find the type of pen or information about the brand. Thank you for helping me to find it. If you have any information, I'll take it.
Thanks to all of you

1938 Ad NORMA Fountain Pen Automatic Multicolor Pencil.jpg




Norma 2.JPG

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I'm pretty sure the Norma pens were made by Fend (and old German maker with an Italian subsidiary from memory). The 18c nib on that would suggest it was for the French market - I've only seen them in 14c versions before. 


Their multicolour pencils were probably better known, as well as their hooded nib pens from a few years later. There are probably a couple of historic thread on here if you use the search function for the words Fend and Norma.


It's a nice looking pen :)

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Thank you very much for this information Mizgeorge. It is an extremely pleasant pen to write with and in all angles. And it is in perfect working order, it is a real pleasure.

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