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Imperial Pen Company fountain pen from 1943

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Further research and consulting have let me know this is a Frankenpen.  The cap is German from Imperial Pen company.  But they never made lever fillers.  The barrel labeled Rikkers and Eton is most likely Dutch made by one of those companies.  I have no details as to the association of Rikkers or Eton.  Anyone that knows something about these companies would love to hear more.  I am reposting this in the European forum.


So Myk Daigle sent this to me as a practice repair pen. The plating on the clip was gone, covered in verdigris as was the lever. It used to have a metal band on the cap lip, but that is long gone. It looked like it had gone through a war and on careful examination we found writing on the cap and the barrel. The cap reads "Imperial" 1943. The barrel end reads "Rikker" Eton Fountain Pen.

The nib reads:




Inoxydable is French for Stainless.
I can see that there are a couple of posts regarding The Imperial Pen and Pencil company here on the site, but I am not familiar with it at all.  Any idea about the markings 1943 (year made?), and "Rikker" Eton Fountain Pen would be appreciated.
It has a nice feed, a very corroded nib on the back side, but the tipping is still good and it flexes very nicely. (Nib most likely stainless steel plated with gold)
Anyone familiar with this pen company, I would love to hear details.
Repair consisted of a thorough cleaning, polishing with micromesh and some metal de-corroder to clean up the clip and lever.
This pen will never look like new, but it is a lovely writer and I am glad to have it to play with.
Comments please.
















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found out more about the pen
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