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Cross Townsend 14K gold nib unit dried ink

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Hello, new here this is my first post. I am a fountain pen newbie, looking to learn more about them!


I recently acquired a late 90’s titanium-gold Cross Townsend with 14k gold nib.


Unfortunately there’s dry ink in it from many years ago. I am soaking and flushing it to clean it. Using only water and converter.



My question is: How can I clean the dry ink off of the nib itself, without damaging the gold? There’s an ink patch near the base as well as along the breathing line. 

14K nib units seem to be very hard to find these days, so I want to use minimally invasive techniques to clean the pen up if possible. 

any advice would be appreciated.





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it turns out that the black spots were not ink, but seems like the nib has disintegrated there.  The black spots are the feed underneath. 

has anyone experienced this issue before? Is there anything that can be done to repair it?



also how long do I need to soak and flush the pen for. It is still clogging.





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