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Dear FPN'ers,
    Greetings !!! This is Kandan.M.P from Ranga Pen Company, India.
    Hope and wish you are staying safe . Thanks for your support so far

    This group buy is for RANGA Handmade Pens Model 4C  in beautiful Premium Acrylic resins. The pens are completely handcrafted from high quality blanks made in Taiwan. Acrylics are glossy, attractive and  Visually stunning
This is beautiful Cigar Shaped Pen in seamless finish. It is one of the Popular Ranga Model Pen. It caps in less than 1 turn.
Capped Length - Approximately 5.75 Inches  Cap Dia - 16mm, Barrel Dia - 16mm,  Section Dia - 12.5mm at Thickest part and 11mm at lowest part. 

In order to purchase Ranga Model 4C  Pen , Kindly  fill the Google Form (Link Below) 
Prices are as follows:
RANGA Model 4C with Ranga Nib and German Schmidt Converter: 74USD (Its Regular Price is 89USD). Kindly avail this Offer Price for this Excellent Pen

 You can upgrade it with  German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter. 
Up-gradation charges are mentioned in Google order form
Colours : 
Premium Acrylics:

29 –  Turquoise Green Parfait

30. Blue Purple Parfait

31. Yellow Blue Parfait

32. Iced Mocha

33. Green Orange Parfait

34. Bengal Tiger

35. Kaleidoscope Weave

36. Classic Tigress 

37. Vegas Nights

38. Tortuga

39. Cardinal Tetra
Finish :Polished Finish or Matte Finish
Clip Option -  1. Gold Clip 2. White Clip 3. Clipless
Cap Turn: It takes less than 1 turn to cap and uncap
For C/C mechanism (with Schmidt K5 Converter) #6 Nib Options 
Nib Option:
Ranga Extra Fine Nib -  Chrome Tone  ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone 
Ranga Fine Nib-  Chrome Tone  ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone 
Ranga Medium Nib-  Chrome Tone  ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone 
Ranga Broad Nib-  Chrome Tone  ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone 
Ranga Double Broad Nib:Chrome Tone  ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone 
Ranga Flex: Chrome Tone  ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone 
Ranga 14K Nib # 6 Size Nibs:-   Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, Flex
Bock Titanium #6  nibs:  Fine Point, Broad Point, Double Broad Point 
Bock 18K Nib # 6 Size Nibs:-   Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, 
JoWo Fine Nib - Chrome Tone or  Gold Tone
JoWo Medium Nib -  Chrome Tone or Gold Tone  
JoWo Broad Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone
JoWo 1.1 Calligraphy Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone
JoWo 1.5 Calligraphy Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone 
Schmidt Fine Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome Tone
Schmidt Medium Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome Tone 
Schmidt Broad Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome Tone
No Nib - Threaded for Bock #6 
No Nib - Threaded for JoWo #6 
No Nib - Threaded for Schmidt #6  
Price : Base price for Ranga Model 4C  with Ranga Screw in nib and German Schmidt  Converter  is 74USD (Premium Acrylic)
Customer's can upgrade it to their favourite nibs with extra charge
Making Time : 2-3  weeks from payment date 
Shipping: Via Courier . It takes 4 to 9 days.Via Courier- Kindly note that courier rates are very high now. We are happy to share that we are collecting only 50% of the courier charges and rest is incurred by us .
Customer's need to pay 15USD for USA/Canada, 10USD for Central Europe /Singapore/ Malaysia and country specific rates for other countries. 
Making Time: 2-3 Weeks after payment
Payment Details: Paypal id:  mpkandan@gmail.com
 If you buy More than 2 Pens  and if you don't want to fill the form, You can directly send the specs to our mail id mpkandan@yahoo.co.in
Ranga Pen Company













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    • Matthew TWP
      @Ruaidhri This was an absolutely wonderful bit of writing, and I hope that you're able to maintain the style once all of the medications are out of your system.  Take care and recover quickly!
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      Very punny daniel
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      These comments make me sad as I sympathise with Ruaidhri, having great difficulties in being taken seriously. Or being taken at all (no off-colors jokes, please!) In spite of overwhelming odds,  Ruaidhri -now I know how to spell it- made a courageous decision and stuck to it. I was diagnosed with a similar growth in a place I will not reveal. Oh, well, if you insist it was Mount Sinai Hospital. But I firmly intend to walk in Ruaidhri's footsteps, if he will let me, on my next visit to Dublin.
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      Reminds me of the day my associates and I developed a cure for all mankind's ills and mistakenly wrote it down with invisible ink.
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      Was that the end of the Laboratory? Somehow the exactitude created a fully destructive device, as always!
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