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Parker 45 Touche Fibre Tip pen

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Recently, I picked up an Aqua Blue 45 and had hoped that I could turn it into a fountain pen, but I could not get the tip to unscrew. 

That being said, I’d like to use it even though it isn’t. I’m thinking Parker doesn’t make the fibre tip refills anymore, so can it be used with bottled ink and a cartridge, or can I buy a modern refill to use? I’m not even sure if the tip can actually BE removed. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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20 minutes ago, Carguy said:

Recentemente, comprei uma Aqua Blue 45 e esperava poder transformá-la em uma caneta-tinteiro, mas não consegui desatarraxar a ponta. 

Dito isso, gostaria de usá-lo, embora não seja. Estou pensando que a Parker não faz mais os refis de ponta de fibra, então pode ser usado com tinta engarrafada e um cartucho, ou posso comprar um refil moderno para usar? Eu nem tenho certeza se a ponta pode realmente SER removida. 

Qualquer ajuda seria muito apreciada.





Hi Mike. Despite having a lot of 45, I never had one with felt Nib.

I know that the 75 can be turned into a roller, fountain pen or felt, with minor modifications.

But at 45 I wouldn't be able to tell you

. Use fountain pen ink, I imagine it is not compatible with the felt due to humidity.

But I will follow the post to learn more from this great team of experts.

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Hello.  Just unscrew counter-clockwise the tip holder and replace with the nib holder of any P45.  Mine uses standard Quink cartriges.  Even some of them included standard Quink cartridges in the box with the Touche.

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On 26/01/2021 at 22:55, zeroduke said:

Olá. Apenas desparafuse no sentido anti-horário o suporte da ponta e substitua pelo suporte da ponta de qualquer P45. O meu usa cartuchos Quink padrão. Até mesmo alguns deles incluíam cartuchos Quink padrão na caixa com o Touche.

Thank you for the explanation.

Always learning from you!

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