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sagaris - ink leaks

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Hello, forum members.


I like my Sagaris because its medium nib is rather dry so I can use it on rather poor quality of paper. However, I had to clean it up and store it due to the ink leak. The leak is not much but keeps on making my finger dirty.


The small amount of ink came though the tiny gap between the plastic grip and the metal screw. Please, see the image I attached. 


What should I do to stop the ink leak?

Can the grip and the screw be separated and then glue is applied between them?


NB: I am sure that the converter and/or cartridge is tightly attached to the end-part of the feeder. 


Thank you




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I had a similar problem with a Waterman L’Etalon. Turned out to be a cracked feed. I would send it in for repair.

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Hello, jmccarty3. Thanks for the reply.


I attach the image of the feeder. I do not see any crack on it.

Is there any other possible reason for the ink leak (through that tiny gap) ?


I still do not know how to separate the plastic grip and the metal screw. Does any forum member know how to do it safely ?





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