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Montegrappa Miya vs. Extra 1930

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I think it depends on the size of the pens you like. Considering the fact that you love the MB149 and M1000 territory, I'd choose the 1930. I own a Miya and I find it ever so slightly too small. And that's already when compared to the M800 kind of sizd pens (which is the optimal size of pens for me).  Here is the Miya compared to a Pelikan m800 and Stipula Etruria:







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I have a couple MG Miya and a few Extra 1930 and Otto Extra pens.  Here are the major differences:

Miya has #6 nib/Extra 1930 has #8 (larger nib).

As others have indicated the Extra 1930 is a bit larger, but not crazy large.

The Extra 1930 nib, from my experience, is a fantastic nib  I have some "B" and mostly "M" and 2 x "B" that were customized to a stub.  The ink flow is a bit wetter on the Extra 1930.  The nibs on the Miya are nice, but not as nice as the Extra.  I find the Miya nibs to be a little stiffer.  Both are very smooth.

I use the Miya when I travel as the cartridge/converter is more convenient.  The Extra has a built-in converter, it is not a true piston like Omas.  I have not had any issues with any of my Extra 1930 pens, but the internal converter needs more frequent filling than a "real" piston.  I wish they used a larger converter like Leonardo Grand.

As for the grip and writing, I don't have large hands and I find the grip of the Extra to be more comfortable.  I like the silver grip section, as it doesn't stain from ink fillings.  The balance on both pens is very nice.

I also own a number of Omas Paragons, 360s, & Bolognas; Visconti Homo Sapiens, Divine Proportions, & Medici (my favourite Visconti); along with Stipula and a few others.  By far, my MG Extra 1930 pens are my go to pen.  If I could only keep one pen, it would be one of my Extra 1930...I would hide the one Otto as well 😉

One last thing, I had a cap ring come loose and one Extra 1930 with a nib that was a bit dry for my taste.  I sent them to MG for repair and they did an amazing job and pretty fast considering it went to Kenro, then Italy, back to Kenro and back to me.




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Thanks everyone!


I checked the Miya in yellow and the Extra 1930 in black & white, and honestly I wasn’t blown away.

Although a beautful pen by itself (celluloid, sterling silver and all), I find the Miya too short for my liking, especially considering that it won’t really post (securely). The price is more less ok (with a heavy discount), but let’s be honest - it’s definitely not in the Pelikan M1000 territory (which I bought brand new for the same amount of money). After all, Miya comes with a #6 nib and a C/C filling system, compared to the massive nib on the Pelikan and the superb piston filling system (probably the best on the market).


The Extra 1930 is better in that regard being a bit longer and with a bigger nib, but not a fan of the black and white color combo, I really wanted the tortoise (which the dealer doesn’t have in stock). Also considering the price of 1300€, it is way too expensive, even with the discount that’s being offered. Not convinced by the captive converter either.

So I decided to pass both of them for now. 

Funny thing, of all the Montegrappa pens I tested - I felt the NeroUno Grande the most comfortable to hold (unposted). Also a massive pen.

So I guess I should stick with oversized pens for now, as such design speaks to me at this point in time. Will see how it goes in the future.

Thank you all for your tremendous help and patience in responding to my questions, much appreciated!


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Be patient. 

Keep checking the bay and especially Chatterley Luxuries. Big discounts are fairly regularly offered. You might have a longish wait for your particular model choice as that is rather popular but it isn't far beyond the bounds of reason that with patience it might show up.

I own five of them and have never paid anywhere near full price.

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Good luck! If you're into oversized celluloid pens with a piston filler and sterling silver accents, I'd recommend the Stipula Etruria (Magnifica) line of pens. 

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