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New to 1.1 italic nibs, need help with identification

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Hello everyone,


I need a bit of help as I am in uncharted waters here.  I bought my first two italic nibs after having purchased several stubs, which I am really loving, but don't know if what I got is correct.


I purchased two Passaporto's that are supposed to be 1.1 nibs, but to my completely untrained eyes, these don't look correct.  In the photo for comparison is a Diplomat Fine (left) and a Monteverde Stub (right).  Are the two in the middle Stipula 1.1 nibs, or did I receive the wrong items?


Thank you all in advance,



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Did you order italic nibs or stubs?  These could have an italic grind. Why don't you ask the vendor?


To save others from downloading the files above:


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Hi OC,


I ordered 1.1 Italic nibs.  I actually have a message into the vendor as well, but wanted to ask someone more impartial.


Thanks for that info though and help with the repost of the photo.  New to posting photos and obviously haven't figured out how to do that correctly yet.  🙂

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No experience with the current Passaporto italics (mine are just F or M). The older Passaporto (and Bon Voyage) italic nibs are blatant -- no tipping blob, cut straight across the end.

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Thanks Baron, that's kind of what threw me as well.  None of my stubs are tipped, which made me question it.  I left them at the office, so tomorrow I'm just going to ink one of them up and see what I discover once I write a bit with them.


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