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Hello wonderful pen enthusiasts!

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Hi there, I'm Idoia from Penspotting. I'm a technology consultant by day and a fountain pen collector and restorer by evenings (and some weekends). Over the years little by little I have fallen in love with the art of writing. 


Over the Christmas break I started to share some photos of my collection on instagram and suddenly discovered that there is a whole community of pen lovers out there! It's such a wonderful feeling to suddenly find a tribe that I can feel part of. I am so grateful.


As for next steps, I want to start to contribute more, get to know the community and learn. And maybe, just maybe, add a pen or two to the collection!


If you fancy giving me some feedback you can find me as penspotting on both IG and YouTube (even though I haven't published my videos yet, need to build up my courage to press the publish button, soon, I promise). 



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Hello Idoia and Welcome to FPN!! So glad to have you as a member!!


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Thanks for your introduction Idoia and welcome. Happy New Year!  Maybe this is your year to hit the button. I am also a recent newcomer. Writing instruments serve an important purpose in my life. An instinct to make marks demands constant attention! I am also eager to learn from the insights and experience of others.

It's a pleasure to welcome a new member with such a desire to contribute.

I hope you enjoy this community.  G

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Hello and welcome to FPN.

Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous  Who taught by the pen

Taught man that which he knew not (96/3-5)

Snailmail3.png Snail Mail 

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Welcome from Missouri! Glad you are with us!




Followed you on IG, but had some issues locating you on YT.  Gotta link?


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Hello and welcome to this friendly corner of the fountain pen universe from a pen user in San Diego. There is such a wealth of information for you to discover here. Write On!

“The proper definition of a man is an animal that writes letters.”

Lewis Carroll

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