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Question on Visconti Nib sizing vs Montblanc vs Pilot Custom 823

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hi friends from Italy.


How I wish I took up this hobby three years ago when I was in Italy (Florence, Rome, Milan and Venice) ?

But anyway I would like to ask what is the nib size of the Visconti vs the Montblanc and Pilot ?

We don't have a dealer/distributor or seller of Visconti here in our country so I have to buy the Visconti blindly.

I have a F nib in my MB146 and F Nib in my Pilot Custom 823.. Sadly the F nib in my Custom 823 is so much much finer than the one in my MB146.

So as a point of reference, would the Visconti Van Gogh Medium be like the F nib in my MB146 ? Or Visconti F nib is F nib also in sizing in the MB146 ?


Thanks for the help friends.




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