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Pen refurbishment recommendation

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Hi I have this lovely Vintage Watermans 54 Fountain Pen. It needs a Good service (new Sac) and I want it looking like new where possible. I currently use it to write letters (dip it) and the nib is beautifully smooth with some flex. Can you recommend someone please.



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Well pen was sent to Eric and it came back today and I have to say what a great job he has done. The pen is stunning and writes beautifully.


Thank you Eric




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Honestly, even your photo does not do that pen justice, fantastic condition, that you had asked to be polished. Such good condition that polish was of the least abrasive. maintaining the very sharp machined pattern detail. Seldom you see pens such as this, even at pen shows as they are true "collectors quality" mint items from nigh on 100 years ago. Even better that it is not NOS, and will be used and appreciated in the 21st Century.

One last thing, when you come across something like this in Hard Rubber and this condition, or solid 18ct gold pens. They look cheap modern items, shiny plastic or cheap plate. The detail reveals their true history, a lot of vintage items, not just pens will have been over looked for this reason in the past.


Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge (Charles Darwin)


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I agree Eric the photo's do not do the pen justice. It would be hard to capture the work you have done.


Thank you






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