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8 minutes ago, Checklist said:

Já que ninguém mais mencionou isso, vou apresentar boas palavras em favor do Parker 50 Falcon. Escritor suave, embora ligeiramente seco. Embora qualquer coisa com uma ponta integrada pareça simplificada, essa coisa parece supersônica. Comprei pela aparência e não me arrependo de jeito nenhum.

PXL_20210117_041134346 ~ 2 [1] .jpg

A Falcon is one of the pens on my wish list ... it's an iconic pen, without a doubt! Congratulations on the beautiful relic.

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Sheaffer inlaid nib pens such as the PFM and 440 are pretty damned streamlined. Obviously the Parker 51 (as has already been mentioned) and it's clones (of which there are many currently in production, with a variety of filling systems). The Omas 361 might be a little less streamlined, but some versions are still pretty smooth and... aerodynamic.


When it comes to pens without hooded or inlaid nibs, the Lamy Aion has a very smooth streamlined shape - and it's Lamy style nib arguably has more streamlined lines than a typical nib.

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I put the start of the "modern" FP era at the introduction of the Parker 45, which may also be considered sleek and streamlined.  Sleek pens were very fashionable then.  Even MontBlanc was making sleek pens, and I have read that they stopped making any torpedo or cigar-shaped pens except for the 149.  I have a MontBlanc 72 with a semi-hooded nib (advert here), and I'd say that the two have similar styling.  I'd also put the various Sheaffers with inlaid or Triumph nibs  on this list. 

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13 hours ago, ibrahim said:

I do have a Pilot Elite. Is the Pilot myu any smoother?


Not really.  And since it's no longer made, any that you find will probably be much more expensive.  But they're smooth enough, and I really like the design.

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24 minutes ago, ISW_Kaputnik said:

But they're smooth enough, and I really like the design.

Thank you so much. Your Answer encourages me to be thankful for what I have got. I already have the Pilot Elite. I wish it was a tad smoother. 

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